Wong and Bernard are great! They put in the time and effort to test their products as they themselves are photographers. Having said that, they will not sell you something you wont need.
Extremely knowledgeable about the requirements and fittings of cameras to their products as well as the quirks (non actually for haida filters) that they may exhibit.
Highly recommended and if you have not met them already, its a good time to say hi!

Jonathan Danker

I'm from Indonesia. In the middle of April 2015, i bought nodal ninja 4 from photospher SG while my brother visited Singapore. They kind enough to meet and deliver the nodal ninja to my brother's hotel.

And in my last trip to semeru mountain last week, i have problem with my nodal ninja. the upper rotator is stuck. I sent email to Bernard from Photosphere about that problem, and he promise to help ask the nodal ninja service.

Tonight, Bernard help me solve the problem by sending photos and videos via whatsapp. So right now i can use my nodal ninja again to capture the mother nature beauty.

I really appreciated Photosphere support. Hope will be the best photographic equipment shop in Singapore

Wahyu Widhi

Excellent top notch service! No regrets getting from here! Even if items are out of stocks they are able to help within a day!!

Jason Chew

I ordered a Haida 100x100mm 10-stop NanoPro MC ND filter and it arrived on the 4th day in a SingPost SmartPac. Before its arrival, I messaged a few questions and was promptly answered by Wong LP; thanks Photosphere for the good customer service & fuss-free process.

The NanoPro MC 10-stop ND filter is good with minimum colour shifts. I was able to take long-exposure shots under a bright, mid-day sun over the last week or more. The Haida packaging was good: a metallic container to protect the glass filter and a light-leak seal (gasket) was included together with a quick-reference long exposure card. Nice

Vincent Chang