Collection: LEOFOTO Tripod Series

Professional Tripod

- We're launching the professional series of Leofoto Tripod - 

Leofoto professional tripod series -  With is exceptional design, quality and many standout features that comes with this range of tripod. Is a perfect fit for travelled photographer. Explore more model here




No. 1
The angle-stop features will let you change the tripod height with ease just by pulling out the Tab, move to your desired position and press down. Is easy and fast.

No 2
Manufactured using CNC precision crafted 7075 aircraft grade aluminium material. Combined with hard anodised finished,  gives the tripod is strength and durability.

No 3
With is anti-twist removal system, the maintenance of the joint is much more convenient. 
carbon fibre

No 4
This series of tripod comes with added 1/4" socket at the tripod brim. It provide additional components like mobile phone bracket holder or external monitors to be mounted at this convenient locations.
Optional mount

No 5
Additionally, the tripod also comes with ¼” socket under mount weight hook option.
Bags or weight can be added for stability.

No 6
The tripod comes with changeable rubber feet and metal spike.
Great for different terrain and provide the best ground traction.

No 7
Another great features that comes with it is at the tripod mount.
We include changeable 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 just by flipping the threat nut.
It can be removed entirely for 1/4"-20 socket option.
Thread mount

No 8
When the tripod is folded, it only has a diameter of 88mm. Suitable for most travel trip.
Light Weight

This optional extension column will provide additional 200mm to your total height of your tripod.
Giving you enough view point during your shooting.



Tripod is available with special discount and testing at the retail store here