H&Y Filters Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frames Tri Pack

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This is the Tri Pack (3 pc pack) version.

Comes in 3 types:

1. Tri-Pack #1: 1pc of 100x100mm frame, 2pcs of 100 x 150mm frames

2. Tri-Pack #2: 2pcs of 100x100mm frame, 1pc of 100 x 150mm frames

3. Tri-Pack #3: 3pcs of 100x100mm frame

Each packs comes with 1 neoprene pouch, Filter Identification Labels, microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The 100 x 100mm Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame and 100 x 150mm Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame from H&Y Filters H&Y Filters are designed to be installed along the edges of a separately available, 100 x 100mm, 2mm thick filter or 100 x 150mm, 2mm thick filter or compatible filter for use within an H&Y Filters 100mm K-Series Filter Holder.

When combined with a 100mm K-Series Filter Holder that is configured with a pair of magnetic filter slots, filters each with a Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame can be magnetically stacked in front of a camera lens instead of inserted only within a specific number of filter holder slots, allowing the user to determine the number of filters to be applied, all of which can be quickly installed, repositioned, or switched with a different filter needed for other subjects or changing lighting conditions.

  • For H&Y 100mm Filter Holder
  • Magnetically Mounts Filter on Holder
  • Enables Fast Use of Filter with Holder
  • Reinforces Filter Edges
  • Helps Keep Filter Surfaces Flat
  • Easy Installation on Filter
  • Helps Prevent Stray Light with Holder

Installation of the frame video as below: