Haida NanoPro MC Neutral Density (ND) Filter, 150x150mm

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  • High quality optical glass.
  • Double sided NanoPro Multi coating
  • Reduce reflection,scratch resistant and water proof coatings
  • Choice of 3 stops (ND0.9/ND8) or 6 (ND1.8/ND64) or10 stops (ND3.0/ND1000)  reduction.  Please choose the correct filter from the list
  • 150*150mm (3.94*3.94’’)
  • Approx. 2.0mm thickness.
  • Minimal color cast
  • Our Blog on usage of ND filters
  • Check out the review by Jon Chiang

For best results, please use with our Haida 150mm Holder System