84dot5mm Professional Line Soft Edge Graduated Neutral Density Medium 0.6 (2 stops)

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The 84dot5mm graduated neutral density filter is grey coloured filter which reduces amount of of light passing through a filter and neutrally darker the upper part of image as far as possible without affecting its color tone (neutrality). The result is often stunning - "blow" of the sky will disappear, the sky and cloud structure becomes visible, while the very bottom (landscape) remain ideal exposed (not over exposed, not dark). 

Advantage of Professional line filters comparing to classic filters is mainly in their dimensions thus their flexibility in real use. While you can move Classic Line filters (size 84x100mm) only few centimeter up/down regarding horizon of photographed scene (which could be often very limiting you in your work), filters from Professional line offer you unlimited flexibility – you can move filter up/down virtually without limitations – 6 and more centimeters up/down because of its size (84x150mm). 

Next advantage of Professional line is to use as full/solid Neutral Density filter at the same time – because transition/graduation of filter is situated in half of filter (about 75mm)

Soft edge graduated ND have a smooth transition from clear to ND, especially useful when the transition horizon is not distinct.


- Professional Line size 84.5mm x 150mm

- Fits PhotosphereSG 80's holder

- Organic Glass CR39 Class A, millitary grade

- Can use as ND as transition is half of filter (about 75mm)

- High scratch resistant, anti-reflective ability

- Color pigment in the filters are deeply embedded in the material at high temperature and pressure, which provides very good resistance

- High elasticity

- Hand-Made in EU

- Individually inspected

- FAQ Link to 84dot5mm website