Photosphere H&Y Fuji 8-16 Conversion Kit

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The H&Y KF100 is meant to be used with Fuji 8-16mm F2.8 lens only, and if one already has 100mm filter system and wish to convert to H&Y magnetic filter system. H&Y Fuji KF100 holder for Fuji 8-16 is the smallest, lightest and quickest solution that doesn't have vignetting with 1 filter, and just slightly with 2.

If should one require a filter holder that can be used for threaded lenses can opt for PSGK81601+ kit which includes KH100 holder for an additional $100 only.

This kit saves you 10-20% savings and includes:

  • KF100 filter holder designed for Fuji 8-16 holder.
    • 1 filter without vignetting at 8mm, 2 filters slight vignetting is possible, without rotating of the holder. 
  • 2 x H&Y MF01 (100 x 150mm) or MF02 (100 x 100mm) magnetic frame - any combination
  • KH100 filter holder for lenses with threads (PSGK8161+ Kit only)
    • 4 adapter rings - 67/72/77/82mm
  • Luxury Filter Bag