Leofoto Poseidon Tripod LP-284C/LP-324C (Waterproof)

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Leofoto Poseidon Series - Corrosion and Water Resistant Series
The Leofoto LP-284C/324C carbon tripod are part of the Poseidon tripod series. The tripods from this series possess unique properties that make them ideal for frequent use at the coast or riverbeds. Allows photographer to focus on their shoot and worry less about maintenance afterwards. The LP-284C/324C have four leg sections and reaches a maximum working height of 129/140 cm and uses titanium material for tripod spike and feet . In contrast, the minimum working height of this tripod is only 16 cm, which is fine for working low to the ground. Despite its light weight of only 1.55/1.95 kilograms, it has a carrying capacity of 10/15 kilograms.

The unique features of the Leofoto Poseidon Series are aimed at making it resistant to corrosion from use in wet conditions. The parts of the tripod legs and rubber feet that frequently come into contact with water are made of titanium. Titanium is known to handle corrosion well, even in seawater. The updated design of the TwistLock locking system reduces the amount of water that can run into the legs. By keeping as much water, sand or grit out of the locking system as possible, the tripod stays in top condition longer and is relatively low maintenance.

The tripod is made of 10-layer woven carbon like any Leofoto tripod, and the legs feature an eccentric blue color. The carbon makes the tripod strong, while still remaining light in weight. On the side of the tripod platform is a ¼-inch thread to expand the tripod with a magic arm or other accessory. Below the tripod platform is a 3/8-inch to place the carabiner. This allows you to weigh down the tripod.

Load Capacity: 10 kg
Weight: 1160g (without ballhead)
Max Height: 1200mm
Min Height: 70mm
Folded Length: 460mm
Leg Section: 4
Leg Material: Carbon fiber
Tubes Diameter: 28/25/22/19mm

Load Capacity: 15 kg
Weight: 1440g (without ballhead)
Max Height: 1300mm
Min Height: 70mm
Folded Length: 495mm
Leg Section: 4
Leg Material: Carbon fiber
Tubes Diameter: 32/28/25/22mm