Leofoto PG-2/2s Foldable Travel Fluid-Gimbal Head

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The Leofoto PG-2 Folding Gimbal Head is constructed from T-6061 aluminum and hard anodized for maximum strength and durability. The fundamental design of the PG-2 works differently from PG-1 in which there's internal damping disc that allows a more fluid movement that can be very useful for both photography/videography hybrid application.  PG-1 design incorporates ball bearing for ultra smooth and "free wheeling" though this means harder to use for videography.


For users looking at a hybrid application, PG-2/PG-2S would be a preferred choice.

PG-2 is the larger/taller version, suited for larger lenses like Canon/Nikon/Sony 600mm F4, Nikon 800mm F6.3

PG-2s is more suited for smaller lenses like Sony 200-600mm, Nikon 180-600mm.


The PG-2 enables you to capture fast-moving subjects with a large and heavy telephoto lens that you otherwise could not do manually holding the lens. The arm swings back and forth and can be locked down at the required angle and the gimbal also has a bubble level on the base. 

The camera platform, which is Arca-type compatible, has height adjustability to help balance a telephoto lens on the head.  Along the arm of the gimbal are a 3/8" and two 1/4" accessory sockets. The design of the PG-2 allows for the gimbal to collapse for a more portable footprint, perfect for traveling when space is limited. The body has also been hollowed-out to optimize the weight to strength ratio. There is a certain stiffness designed with this model to enhance control and stability during use

Key features:

- Folds into 3 separate pieces for easy transport & packing

- Padded bag provided with strap

- Damping in vertical and panning movement, good for both photography and videography for wildlife/bird tracking

- Robust but lightweight (hollow-out to reduce weight) without compromising on performance

- 3/8" x 1, 1/4" x 2 thread for accessories

PG-2 Specifications (suit lenses up to 600mm F4/ Nikon 800 F6.3):

Height: 220mm
Panning base diameter: 58mm
Mounting hole: UNC 3/8"-16
Weight: 1.29kg
Max load: 25kg

PG-2S (smaller variant) Specifications (Suits lenses up to Sony 200-600mm/Nikon 180-600mm):

Height: 190mm
Panning base diameter: 49mm
Mounting hole: UNC 3/8"-16
Weight: 0.85kg
Max load: 15kg