Leofoto MC-80 Multipurpose clamp (includes CF-6)

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The Leofoto MC-80 is a travel size multipurpose clamp that allows you to clamp a camera or accessories such as a flash to places one wouldn't think to clamp such as a tree branch, railings or poles for that different look.

Made with stainless steel, aircraft aluminum and anodized copper, this clamp allows the photography to support great amounts of weight without weighing down the photographer.

The MC-80 has multiple threads that allows you to mount additional accessories such as your mobile phones with the Leofoto AM-2L Magic arm and PC-90II. Lights and even a 2nd mirrorless camera can be mounted on it with the Leofoto AM-3 Kit or AM-4 Kit. A dedicated mount with anti-twist notches are built right into it!

  • Largest/smallest diameter (circular): 89/15mm
  • Largest/smallest opening (flat surface):
  • 63mm/0mm (using Flat jaw)
  • Mounting screw/hole: UNC 1/4"
  • Weight: 230g (without flat jaw)
  • Weight: 280g (with flatwedge adapter)
  • Max. load: 15kg
  • Includes CF-6


Bundle includes: Leofoto MBC-18 ballhead and Leofoto CF-6

Leofoto MBC-18 Specs:

  • Load Capacity: 5kg
  • Weight: 0.83g
  • Ball Diameter: 18mm 
  • Height: 39mm 
  • Base Diameter: 15mm 


Leofoto CF-6 Specs:

  • Mounting screwhole: 1/4”
  • Includes 3/8-1/4” adaptor