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Leofoto LCH-2 laptop tray

Leofoto LCH-2 laptop tray

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With the LCH-2 laptop platform mounted on a tripod you have a solid platform to place a 15" laptop on. The raised edges ensure that the laptop cannot slide out of the holder. For extra security, the LCH-2 has an additional elastic band that can be used to keep the laptop in place. The dimensions of the platform are 39cm by 28cm. The smart cutouts in the design of the tray have a dual function. The cutouts reduce the weight of the tray to 737 grams and they also serve as ventilation holes to dissipate heat from the laptop.


It has a arca swiss dovetail design so can be used directly on a ballhead.  there are 3 x 3/8" screws and 2 x 1/4" screws to choose, panning function is only for central screw (see picture for illustration) which has interchangeable screw holes according to the requirements.  Perfect for your tripod or even light stand. 


  • Length: 39mm
  • Width: 28mm
  • Height: 25mm
  • Weight: 737g
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