Leofoto HX-22/25/28/32

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Leofoto HX-22/25/28/32 is a tilt center column adaptor that's designed for Leofoto travel series LX-225CT/254CT/284CT/324CT respectively. It allows the tripod's center column to be converted into horizontal or tilted angles usage with this adaptor. The tripod height extension with the center column, or be used as horizontal arm for macro/product photography, or use extend outwards of buildings.  Note that center column is not included.

Some features includes:

  • - Toothed lock system, secure and strong. 
  • - Carbon fiber center column with anti-twist groove, prevent ballhead from twisting especially at horizontal position
  • - Includes Allen wrench
  • - CNC Machined Metal Parts.

    HX-22 specifications

    For Tripod: LX-225CT
    Height: 116mm
    Weight : 196g
    Max. load: 6kg
    Base diameter: 41mm

    HX-25 specifications

    For Tripod: LX-254CT/255CT
    Height: 122mm
    Weight : 202g
    Max. load: 8kg
    Base diameter: 41mm

    HX-28 specifications

    For Tripod: LX-284CT
    Height: 126mm
    Weight : 229g
    Max. load: 10kg
    Base diameter: 46mm

    HX-32 specifications

    For Tripod: LX-324CT
    Height: 130mm
    Weight : 233g
    Max. load: 12kg
    Base diameter: 46mm