H&Y Swift Magnetic Drop-in Filter Rack RD100

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  • RD100 Base Rack: H&Y Swift 95mm Drop-In Filter Rack for REVORING - not compatible with RNC
  • RD100A Base Plus Rack: H&Y Swift Stackable 95mm Drop-in Filter Rack for REVORING - stackable only on RD100

H&Y Swift Magnetic Drop-in Filter Rack - Level 2 (Bridge)


  • Swift System (B) module

  • Base rack compatible with (A) modules like Magnetic Variable Adapters except for size 82-95mm, Magnetic Screw-in Adapter,

  • Plus rack can be used on a Base Rack/ Magnetic VND filter/Bridge Ring ONLY

  • (B) modules can magnetically be attached to work with a square filter holder, matte box and lens hood

  • Lenses of bigger thread size can use Magnetic Screw-in adapters with 86/95mm options to use drop-in options

  • All REVORING products are made using Architectural grade Aluminum, keeping it lightweight and tough

  • Base Rack or Plus Rack (Please check the second paragraph of the description to see the difference between these 2 variants)


H&Y REVORING Swift | Magnetic Drop-in Filter Racks

H&Y REVORING Swift Magnetic Drop-in Racks are built to connect the (A) Base Modules and (C) Accessaries in Swift System. This variant is built with magnetic thread that can be attached to RM or RM-AR work with Drop-in Filters to be compatible with accessaries like Magnetic Matte Box, Magnetic Square Filter Holder, and Magnetic Collapsible Lens Hood.

The base rack can be magnetically attached to REVORING Swift Variable Adapter and Screw-in magnetic adapter for a wide-angle lens. The Plus Rack can be magnetically attached to the Drop-in Filter Base Rack/Magnetic VND filter/Bridge Ring ONLY. So it is an additional one for the base rack. So if you wish to use solely one drop-in filter, base it is. Or if you want to use a drop-in filter with the magnetic VND filter, you will need the Plus.