H&Y REVORING Variable Step Up Ring to fit circular screw in filters

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The REVORING allows you to attach one screw-in filter and apply it to multiple lenses without the need for step-up rings.  Saving time, and innovative.

  • Each REVORING features unique self retracting blade technology with threaded ends to secure on the front of your lens 
  • Each threaded end has been designed to overlap therefore completely removing any possibility of light leak. 
  • All REVORING products are made using Architectural grade Aluminum, keeping it lightweight and tough. The anodised finish also protects the ring from corrosion when shooting outside in unpredicted elements. 
  • There are 5 variable size options to choose from
    • 37mm - 49mm (fits 52mm filter)
    • 46mm - 62mm (fits 67mm filter)
    • 52mm - 72mm (fits 77mm filter)
    • 67mm - 82mm (fits 82mm filter)
    • 82mm - 95mm (fits 95mm filter)

Here's a video of how REVORING stacks up vs traditional step up rings: