H&Y Magnetic Circular Starkeeper Anti-pollution Night Filter

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H&Y Magnetic Circular Starkeeper Night Filter Kit 

Neodymium glass night time filter for Astrophotography to makes the stars pop


  • 9-Layer Multi-Coating

  • Optical Glass


  • a magnetic night filter
  • a magnetic adapter

The H&Y StarKeeper Night Filter is made up of glass constructed by the oxidization of the chemical Neodymium, creating a purple/blue effect that absorbs yellow sodium-vapor, mercury-vapor and yellow light from low CRI LED’s. By absorbing this unwanted light, contrast will be increased and stars will appear more visible and defined – giving you that “pop” when shooting into clear skies at night. 



H&Y Magnetic Circular Night Filter Kit 77mm (KPN77-kit)


H&Y Magnetic Circular Night Filter Kit 82mm (KPN82-kit)


Fit on a H&Y magnetic lens cap and you won't need your original lens cap anymore!