H&Y Circular Magnetic Filter ND Kit (3+6+10 stops) - ZV-1, GR3, X100V

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H&Y Circular Magnetic Filter Kit


The H&Y Circular Magnetic Filter Kit enables you to quickly mount or remove the circular filter to the lens.Features:

  • Magnetic stackable mouting
  • Double sides Nano coating
  • Water, oil and dust resistant

  • ND Kit
  1. 1 x Magnetic MRC IRND8 Filter
  2. 1 x Magnetic MRC IRND64 Filter
  3. 1 x Magnetic MRC IRND1000 Filter
  4. 1 x Aluminum Lens Cap
  5. Adapter for specific camera (GR3, X100V, Sony ZV1 etc)
  6. 1 x Filter Pouch


What is Neutral Density (ND)?

Instead of reducing the ISO to limit light, you can add a Neutral Density filter to limit light, and can then set the shutter speed according to the particular motion desired (blurring water movement, for example) and the aperture set as needed (small aperture for maximal sharpness or large aperture for narrow depth of field (subject in focus and background out of focus). Using your camera, you will see the image right away and can choose the best ND filter to use for the scene being captured by first knowing the best aperture to use for the maximum sharpness desired. The shutter speed would be selected by finding the desired blur from the subject movement. The camera would be set up for these in manual mode, and then the overall exposure adjusted darker by adjusting either the aperture or shutter speed, noting the number of stops needed to bring the exposure to that which is desired. That offset would then be the number of stops needed in the ND filter to use for that scene.