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H&Y Magnetic Circular Filter CPL Kit

H&Y Magnetic Circular Filter CPL Kit

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H&Y Magnetic MRC CPL Filter can effectively reduce surface reflection, enabling users to take a clear picture through glasses or darken the sky color. Double-sided vacuum coatings allow even light attenuation. H&Y Magnetic Circular Filter CPL comes in different sizes

Magnetic MRC CPL Kit

Each kit include:

  1.   1 × Magnetic MRC CPL Filter
  2.   1 x Magnetic Lens Adapter
  3.   1 x Filter Case

CPL Filter:

Nito polarizing film, anti-reflection, water & oil resistant

The filter darkens sky, manage reflections, or reduce glare from the surface of water, metals etc

Fit on a H&Y magnetic lens cap and you won't need your original lens cap anymore!



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