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52mm Arca Swiss Panning Clamp

52mm Arca Swiss Panning Clamp

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52mm Panning clamp

- Compatible with Arca Swiss Plates of RRS, Kirk, Wimberley and many brands

- Laser Engraving markings on panning base with clear index for easy panning

- Laser Engraving on Clamp for easy reference for centre marking with nodal rails

- Lightweight Aluminium, just 110grams. 

- Integrated Bubble Level

- Smooth Panning 

- Long Clamping knob for easy clamping

- Removable Arca Swiss plate (if mount direct to ballhead, this can be removed, clamp height is reduced to 20mm when removed) 

- Dimensions: 95mm x 52mm x 25mm (including Arca Swiss Plate)

- Other Items included,

    - 2 Allen Keys  (4mm & 2.5mm)

    - 2 allens screws (for securing onto ballhead, 25mm M6 and 1/4")

    - 9mm 1/4-3/8 screw adapter

- Bundle prices available with FLM ballheads made in Germany

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