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Dofilters 100mm metallic system filter holder (adaptors sold separately)

Dofilters 100mm metallic system filter holder (adaptors sold separately)

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Designed as a flexible system holder for 100mm filters with unique features as follows:

- 2 slots guides for 2 slot in filters of 2mm thickness

- lightweight yet durable aluminium

- reinforcement side screws for glass filters

- clear white markings on guide

- Up to 95mm thread lenses can be mounted (Will need DF46ZiWR series ultra wide angle adaptor ring)

- Flexible solution to mount either one of the 3 adaptor for different usage

- Filter Pouch provided

- Customized gasket will be given for customers when using Haida 10 stops ND filters, this helps prevent light leak. 

  1. DF46ZiWR ultra wide angle adaptor, simplest, cheapest adaptor ring selection according to lens thread

  2. DF46ZiHR hold ring: Bayonet mount, designed to have the fastest & secure mounting of filters, mechanism similar to lens hood (only specific lenses) 

  3. DF46ZiPL : Polarizer ring for easy rotating of polariser from rear side of holder. 

- Optional upgrade to following:

  1. Pro Kit - allows rotating of outer ring.  

      - Pro kit - Usage includes 1xCPL (nearest slot), 1xGND, so both polarising and horizon can be controlled. 

  2. Upgrade to EX150 series holder to fit 150mm filters:

      - For customer who owns Nikon 14-24mm F2.8, Sigma 12-24mm lenses, Canon 14L can now enjoy using both 100mm system on their smaller lenses and 150mm filters system on the larger bulbous lenses that doesn't have threads. EX150 is currently not available but DF46zi will be compatible when it's ready. 


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