Beginner Long exposure set

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The H&Y beginner long exposure kit is a kit that helps you get started with shooting images that has smooth water, blur clouds or no people in it!

This kit includes:

  • KH100 filter holder
  • Circular Polarizing filter (CPL)
  • ND1000 (3.0 stops) Neutral Density filter
  • Soft 8x (0.9 stops) Graduated Neutral Density (GND)
  • 4 adapter rings - 67/72/77/82mm

The drop in CPL allows you to save times from screwing a CPL onto your lens then adding the filter holder, and also helps you save slots on the filter holder allowing you to add more filters as compared to other systems.

The purpose of a CPL filter is to reduce reflection and glare while enhancing colors and clarity in a picture. There is a small gear which will allow you to rotate precisely the strength of the filter when in use

The ND1000 ND filter reduces your shutter speed by x10 which allows you to shoot long exposures in bright daylight! This is the magical piece that allows you to get smooth water and blur clouds!

The Soft GND 8x filter is, as its name implies, a neutral density filter that has a gradient to it. This allows you to control the brightness in selected areas in the sky. Usually to lower the brightness of the sky to get it to balance better with the foreground.