84dot5mm Classic Soft Edge Graduated Neutral Density Strong 0.9 (3 stops)

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The 84dot5mm graduated neutral density filter is grey coloured filter which reduces amount of of light passing through a filter and neutrally darker the upper part of image as far as possible without affecting its color tone (neutrality). The result is often stunning - "blow" of the sky will disappear, the sky and cloud structure becomes visible, while the very bottom (landscape) remain ideal exposed (not over exposed, not dark). 

Soft edge graduated ND have a smooth transition from clear to ND, especially useful when the transition horizon is not distinct.


- Classic Line size 84.5mm x 100mm

- Organic Glass Class A, millitary grade

- High scratch resistant, anti-reflective ability

- Color pigment in the filters are deeply embedded in the material at high temperature and pressure, which provides very good resistance

- High elasticity

- Hand-Made in EU

- Individually inspected

- FAQ Link to 84dot5mm website