About Us


We started our online business venture in May 2013 on ClubSNAP, the largest Singapore photography online forum.  We do operate there still and will continue to do so.  Landscape photography is our passion as we continue to scour through products and bring them to Singapore and operate.  We certainly welcome overseas customers as well :) 

How are we different from others (online and retail shops)?

- Know our products well, and will continue to test it well before selling, and certainly standby them too

- Conduct demo sessions (almost biweekly) and endeavor to continuously do so to promote our products, it's also a good tip sharing session for those new to landscape photography

- Provide informed decisions to customers through our blog pages (will constantly update) and reviews to ensure they know what the products are used for, how to use it correctly.

- Very focused on what we sell, at the moment will be landscape photography and accessories.

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Bernard & LP

Team Photosphere, Singapore