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H&Y K series filter holder set (CPL optional)

H&Y K series filter holder set (CPL optional)

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H&Y K series filter holder set

This 100mm K-series filter holder kit from H&Y allows for the convenient use of separately available 100mm wide, 2mm thick filters along with an included circular polarizer filter (in the CPL kit) and is made by Schott glass

The 100mm K-Series KH100 Filter Holder accommodates an (optional) drop-in circular polarizer filter or any of the ND filter range. That filter is mounted within a geared aluminum-alloy filter ring assembly with an external dial, which allows for the independent rotation of the circular polarizer filter in order to adjust the intensity of its effect. For still images or video captures where the drop-in circular polarizer filter is not in use, a snap-on cap is provided to cover the filter holder's accessory slot for that filter.

Frame can be magnetically stacked in front of a camera lens instead of inserted only within a specific number of filter holder slots, allowing the user to determine the number of filters to be applied, all of which can be quickly installed, repositioned, or switched with a different filter needed for other subjects or changing lighting conditions.

  • Holds Filters 100mm Wide, 2mm Thick
  • Magnetic Filter Holder System
  • Quickly Install or Remove Filters
  • Included Optional Filter Holder Slots
  • Gaskets for Light-Blocking Seals
  • Rotates 360°
  • Included Circular Polarizer Filter
  • Circular Polarizer Rotates Independently
  • Aluminum-Alloy Construction
  • Padded Pouch
  • Built-in gasket placed along the front of the filter holder further helps to  eliminate stray light
  • Comes in a choice of 67, 72, 77, or 82mm filter holder adapter ring
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