FAQ - Neutral Density filters August 10 2013

What is Neutral Density filters? - Simple terms, it's a filter that's mount in front of lens (either screw on/slot into a holder) that blocks light transmitted into camera.  Think of it as shades/sunglasses  Why is it necessary? - Even by stopping down the aperture to F22 or smallest size that the lens is able to, it's sometimes not slow enough to achieve long exposure photography. Useful for waterfall, light...

Neutral Density Filters - What & Why? August 09 2013

In today photography context many effects can be done by post-processing using photosphop software or similarly powerful editing tools.  However one of those that can't be done post processed is the effects of using Neutral Density (ND) filters. In simple terms, think of ND filters as a shade/sunglasses, with the main intent to block light.  And in doing so, slows down the shutter speed to create effects. It is a...

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