MagMod MagGel (Gel Slot)

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Balance temperature and change colors like a boss.

MagGel is the ultimate gel system for hot-shoe flashes, period. Film based gels with velcro or tape are just hard to use, and the MagGel is designed to quickly and easily adapt gels to flashes in seconds.

The MagGel is a kit that consists of a gel slot and rigid, polycarbonate color filters that are practically indestructible.  Each gel-slot can fit up to 3 filters at once, allowing you seamlessly stack multiple filters to change your flashes color, density, or hue.

The MagGel is also fitted with two small but very powerful rare-earth magnets that allow an invisible, instantaneous, and strong attachment to all MagMod modifiers. Use it with the MagGrid or alone with the MagGrip, or even stack multiple gel-slots to create your own custom lighting.


  • (1) MagGel Slot
  • (1) Set of 8 MagMod Correction Gels, one each of the following colors:
  • Full CTO  + 1/2 CTO  + 1/4 CTO  + 1/2 Blue
  • 3X ND  + 1/2 Straw  + 1/2 Plusgreen  + Opal Frost Diffusion