PhotosphereSG Filter Solution for Voigtlander (E-Mount) 10mm F5.6 Hyper Wide Heliar Lens

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A dedicated 100mm slot in filter solution for the  Voigtlander (E-Mount) 10mm F5.6 Hyper Wide Heliar Lens, meant to be used on Sony E mount cameras.  Allows 1 guide on holder without vignetting (no rotation of holder), and some vignetting with 2 guides.  Do check out the instructions for best understanding on how to use this lens properly.

Filter solution consists of: 

  1. Foam Adapter (box #1) and 4 screws for 1 slot guide
  2. Haida 100mm Filter Holder and holder pouch (box #2)

The foam adapter was designed to fit on Haida 100mm holder


- No vignette with 1 slot (without rotation, once rotate, vignetting will be induced), possible to mount 2 slots but vignetting will be present even without rotation

- No light leak (with proper gaskets if purchase our Haida ND filters)

- Strong & secure grip and front loaded from lens for quick mounting

- Light weight (Foam Adapter 30g, Holder 60g)

- 3M adhesive was used for foam & adapter bonding, suited for outdoor weathers (from -54DegC to 82DegC)

Credit to Francis Goh of ClubSNAP Singapore for his initial idea in this solution.