MagMod Professional Flash Kit

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MagMod’s Professional Flash Kit has everything you need to create epic images quickly and easily. Control or diffuse light like a boss with a collection of our most popular modifiers and gels. MagMod flash modifiers are *stackable

Kit includes:

  • MagGrip
  • MagSphere
  • MagBounce
  • MagGrid
  • MagGel
  • Creative Gels

MagGrip - Heart of the system

At the core of the system is the MagGrip. With this attached to virtually any speedlight,  you will be able to utilize all of MagMod's accessories.


MagSphere - The easy light diffuser

A sphere of light is the best way to describe this modifier. This accessory sends lights in all directions and when used in an enclosed location, gives beautiful softlight! You'll never leave home without this again!


MagGrid - Spread butter, not light

MagGrid prevents light from going all over the place. Want dramatic pictures? This is the go-to accessory. Stack up to 10 to get a super concentrated beam of light!


MagBounce - Soft directional light on the go

Want soft light but there's no wall? This is the answer to your dilemma! The MagBounce is easily larger than your built in bounce card by 3 times at least! Use it on or off camera to get soft directional light!


MagGel - Not for your hair

MagGel is the best way to hold your flash gels. Sure you can probably stick it between 2 MagGrids, but you limit your spread of light! Not necessary a bad thing though.


Creative Gels - Colour my world

Creative Gels are 8 pieces of hard plastic sheets of various colors that gives a splash of colour to your images. Shooting a rockstar? Throw a dash of outragous pink! Shooting a portrait of your girlfriend? Add a dash of yellow to brighten her day! Use more than one and become a colour master!


*Some accessories may not be stackable with each other due to their nature, e.g MagSphere and MagBounce are not stackable, but MagSphere and MagGel can be stacked