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So long softbox, hello MagBounce.

The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been stripped down to it’s simplest, most functional form. We carefully designed it to not only be beautiful, but calculated to deliver the softest light with the highest output.

The MagBounce increases the apparent size of your flash by over 300%! Both it’s size and efficient white silicone texture, the MagBounce actually acts more like a small softbox than it does a bounce card.

*A MagGrip is required to use with your flash*, for a more value for money setup, the MagMod Basic Kit  would work out a better starter kit for most user.

 Using the same freakishly strong “rare-earth” magnets, the MagBounce instantly attaches in four different mounting configurations, giving you the flexibility to shoot in both landscape and portrait orientations.

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