Magmod Flash Modifier

MagMod is a modular flash modifier system that frees your speedlites from velcro, straps, and adhesives by geniously incorporating the invisible powers of magnetism.


Universal Attachment:

  • The MagGrip is an elastic, one-size-fits-all band that stretches around almost every professional hot-shoe flash created. The biggest and the smallest, and it’s grip is equally as strong on both. It will never accidentally fall off!

Magnetic Attachment:

  • Each MagMod modifier is embedded with two freakishly strong neodymium “rare-earth” magnets that instantly, silently, and securely attach to your flash.No more velcro, straps, or adhesives.

Modular Design:

MagMod was designed from the ground up to be completely modular. Stack multiple MagGrid’s to control your light into a precision beam pattern. Add a MagGel to change your color temperature. Stack as many MagMod’s, in any order, and start shaping your light like never before.

The MagSphere is a beautiful omni-directional flash diffuser that gives you the the best looking light possible. With efficient diffusion that saves battery power and an integrated gel slot that allows you to color correct your flash, no flash diffuser has ever been this awesome.

The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been stripped down to it’s simplest, most functional form. We carefully designed it to not only be beautiful, but calculated to deliver the softest light with the highest output.
The MagSnoot is a versatile modifier that instantly collapses into 4 different stages to give you 4 unique beam patterns for precise control over your light. With its integrated gel slot, the MagSnoot can also hold up to 2 MagMod gels to further control the color, density, or hue of your flash. 

Strong and sleek:

Simplicity is where form meets function.Each MagMod is designed as a single molded piece of high-quality silicone rubber that is sleek, compact, easy to use, and incredibly strong.

Rigid Gel Sheets

The MagGel is the fastest and easiest way to attach gels to your flash, period.

We abandoned the concept of disposable and flimsy film strips and manufactured our very own rigid gel sheets that are practically indestructible.


Will there be any issue with pacemakers users?:

We strongly recommend that anyone who has a pacemaker refrains from operating any MagMod product.  We understand that this is an extreme precaution, and the likelihood of encountering any problems with a pacemaker and our magnetic materials, but we would rather err on the side of caution.

MagSnoot Vs MagGrid?

Both the MagGrid and MagGel Slot will continue to be a staple in any photographer’s bag, as they are far more compact and quicker to use. They both require less thinking and tinkering when shooting in fast paced environments, and if you own multiple MagGrids and MagGel Slots, you also increase redundancy and flexibility in your modifier kit. 

The MagSnoot will primarily be best suited for commercial photographers that shoot product, food, fashion, or wherever any photographer needs tight precision with their lighting. Studio and portrait photographers will also find it incredibly handy for use as a great hair-light or rim-light modifier.

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